Dansk dating Frederikssund

Lasse will talk about our 2nd to none server park, halon fire fighting, cooling, speed and google, emergency generators, incoming bombs and backup on secondary Danish location, but all he does is coding “The sales OWL” is going to tell you all about the easiness and coolness of our software, about the spend analyzing tools, welding under water, about contract and baseline management, and about state-of-the-art e-business.

My expectation with bubo INVOICE was to achieve a tool, providing KAB with overview of more than 300 divisions/procurement officers spend. Now, with a few cliques we can easily and fast establish an overview of both the individual divisions’ procurement and the individual vendors’ sales. The reporting functionalities with automatic dispatch option to requested entities with individual information, relative to the organizational level (i.e. The development opportunities and this specific focus in relation to strategic procurement and the system users needs. Your dedication to the system with a high degree of professionalisme, passion and engagement, and the fact that you are available 24-7 via e-mail and phone.Bubobubo has been a remarkably good tool to create overview of the communities’ procurement; it has facilitated the management reporting and the daily controlling of decentrale divisions and with this increased the compliance on our procurement agreements.Further and not least, it has significantly increased the efficiency of analyzing required for tenders.“The SAP-OWL” alias “super MARIO” has travelled the entire digitalization road of Europa, starting with IXOS over Opentext to SAP.ESDH, documents storing and management, in 4languages and 3 countries makes any foreign field feel like home.

Dansk dating Frederikssund

Assens Kommune has been part of a project with bubo CONTRACT.We found bubbo CONTRACT very useful for contracted applicable goods.Our employees have many years of hands-on experience in performing spend management, doing analyses, realizing savings and building state-of-the-art solutions.We would love to use our knowledge to your benefit – whether your data is burried in CSC, Fujitsu, KMD, SAP, Oracle, or in other platforms – whether you company is public or private – bring us on.We strive for perfect data quality, being the foundation for successful procurement.

Imagine, you always have current, valid and reliable data, for example: how high is the combined purchasing volume for individual suppliers and categories across all divisions and subsidiaries ?

Turn 20 days of consolidation and 2 days of analyzing every month into the opposite and you will see the planet start to move.

Thomas, “the corporate guy”, has a very long past from large organizations – if anyone – he knows about challenges in management information.

Further we can very easily create an overview of our contracts fulfillment, in total as well as in the individual division Why we chose the system? The system is very intuitive and easily creates an overview of the data.

It is flexible, and we get a view of the data in many different ways and with a very high level of detail.

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