Dating denmark Vordingborg

“Fortresses built like this one were only built in the Viking Age, and the burnt timber in the gates enables us to fix the date using radiocarbon dating and dendrochronology.We’ve sent off samples for analysis, and the result should be available in a few weeks’ time. If we can establish exactly when the fortress was built, it will help us to understand the historical events with which it was connected.” Viking ringed fortresses may be the most famous historical monuments in Denmark.i am 165cm height and i Am a lady with much love care and understanding am down to earth person.

dating denmark Vordingborg

Her colleague on the excavation Søren Sindbæk, who is a professor of medieval archaeology at Aarhus University, adds: “The discovery of the new Viking fortress is a unique opportunity to learn more about the battles and conflicts of the Vikings, and gives us a new chance to study the most famous of our Viking monuments.” It was new, precise laser measurements of the landscape that put Nanna Holm from the Danish Castle Centre in Vordingborg on the track.These measurements showed that an almost imperceptible mound in the field had a clear circular outline, so Holm and Sindbæk decided to call in an expert in archaeological geophysics from the University of York in the UK. netdating Sønderborg “Measuring small variations in the magnetic field of the soil enables you to identify old pits or embankments without destroying them.They attract tourists from all over the world, and have led to revisions of Danish history on a number of occasions.The discovery could be an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle in understanding the history of Denmark.

Dating denmark Vordingborg

I can say I'm very passionate, emotional and sensitive.I can explode fast but at the same time I move on easily.The discovery could be an important piece in Denmark’s historical jigsaw puzzle.Søren Sindbæk and Nanna Holm at the excavation site (click for larger photo).You also have to ask yourself if there are any more hidden ringed fortresses out there,” concludes Sindbæk.

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