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Its current monumental home was built in 1926 to accommodate a larger number of students and later the school added a dormitory to house the many students from outer regions or islands not close to a gymnasium.

Although this role is now basically obsolete, the dorm continues to be a popular solution for many students wanting to get away from home or for a small number of students from Greenland.

Most of the seven Trelleborgs have been dated to the reign of the Harold Bluetooth of Denmark (died 986).The school is believed to have been founded about 1060 - at the same time as the city became the seat of a bishop.The church needed to educate boys and young men to enter into the church's service, and to that purpose it created a school.Viborg Municipality is the second-largest Danish municipality, covering 3.3% of that country's total land area.Its central location gave the city great strategic importance, in political and religious matters, during the Middle Ages.

Dating Slagelse

A Viking ring fortress is a type of circular fort of a special design, built by the Vikings in the Viking Age. All Trelleborgs have a strictly circular shape, with roads and gates pointing in the four cardinal directions.These common structures are sometimes partially encircled by advanced ramparts, but these additions are not always circular.), a city in central Jutland, Denmark, is the capital of both Viborg municipality and Region Midtjylland. dating gratis Dragør Viborg is also the seat of the Western High Court, the High Court for the Jutland peninsula.The building has burned to the ground and been re-built several times.

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