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Their conclusion stated that all women had to give birth in a semi-declined, back-lying position, in order for the midwife to have “good ocular surveillance of [the] perineum” and to perform the modified Ritgens manoeuvre on every birthing woman.

Now you ask her to lie down on her back, feet in the stirrups (so you can get a “good ocular surveillance of [her] perineum”), and you support her perineum by using the modified Ritgens manoeuvre.When this “new” Pirhonen regime was introduced in Norway, midwives began to pay more attention to their practice on tear prevention.They became aware of the difference in the way women with and without epidurals and augmentation pushed.Going through different studies on third- and fourth-degree tears, I find a great variety of risk factors: high birth weight, primiparas, maternal age, long second stage, use of vacuum/forceps, episiotomy, use of oxytocin, epidural, perineal oedema, etc.(2) Evident risk factors, which come up in many studies, are birth weight, primiparas and long second stage.Factors like episiotomy, use of oxytocin and epidural seem to be risk factors in some studies and in other studies seem to have a protective effect.

Intim date dk Greve

The birthing woman would be lying on her back with her legs in stirrups, and the perineum was supported using different techniques, even though there was no scientific evidence for this practice.During the 1980s, midwives became more aware of the physiology of childbirth and some studies showed an increased risk of third- and fourth-degree tears if episiotomy was performed routinely and not just on indication.(3) So, during a short time span, practice changed from routine episiotomies and full perineal support to no episiotomies and a hands-off approach, and “alternative” (read physiological) birthing positions were introduced. In the study, he implies that the rise is the fault of midwives, because they stopped performing perineal support to all birthing women. That the lack of perineal support is the sole reason for this rise in tear frequency? During the same period of time, there has also been an increased use of inductions, augmentation and epidurals.This might be important to have in mind if you start looking at the risk factors for tears described earlier in this paper: primiparas (more likely to have inductions, prolonged labour, epidurals and augmentation), high birth weight (more likely to have inductions, prolonged labour, epidurals and augmentation), and long second stage (more likely to occur if there is a malposition or mechanical mismatch). 3 seconden regel flirten So could it be that it is not the support of the perineum itself, but to whom we provide perineal support, that could be the clue to success?She will often start panting or grunting and at the same time, if she is free to move, retract the leg where the first shoulder is facing.

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This creates a twist in her hip, allowing the first shoulder to descend into the pelvic outlet.

Issue 92, Winter 2009/2010.] During the last 20–30 years, birth statistics in the Scandinavian countries have shown an increase in the frequency of third- and fourth-degree perineal tears from approximately 1% to a disturbing 3–4%.

In 1998, a study was published in the showing that support of the perineum during crowning of the head decreased the frequency of third- and fourth-degree perineal tears.(1) The significant difference in the frequency of tears in the two hospitals in the study was, according to the authors, only due to the use of perineal support with the modified Ritgens manoeuvre.

Understanding physiological birth, we also have the knowledge of how interferences in the birthing process can influence the outcome.(5) So, imagine a woman in labour, in the beginning of the second stage, having been able to follow her body through the birthing process, not influenced by painkillers or Pitocin.

She’s standing on the floor, leaning on her partner, just starting to push.

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