Single hop lager

Lager brewing can be intimidating for the brewer who has only brewed ales – at least that’s the way it was with me.

Ales are fairly forgiving; ale fermentation temperatures are easier to maintain than their colder lager cousins, and there is a fear that the lager yeast either won’t get started or won’t get finished when it’s pitched.

I began the chilling process (detailed in the aforementioned Easy Chilling article).

Single hop lager

Often brewed as occasional “specials”, single hop beers help spread the knowledge of each individual variety and demonstrate a brewer’s skill, as they try to wring as much complexity of flavour as possible from each hop addition.A little DMS character is acceptable in Pilsners, but too much is considered a flaw.So, once my wort came up to a boil, I set my timer for 90 minutes.From the tropical, citrus flavours of the New World, to the peppery notes of Central European hops and Britain’s own floral and grassy hedgerow varieties, the hopping options available to brewers has never been greater.These conical, green flowers of the species provide not only a vast array of flavours for beers but also create distinctive aromas, varying levels of bitterness, and lend a hand with preservation duties.

Single hop lager

Buy now The Verdict: Single hop beers The world of hops is ever evolving with a constant search to find the next big thing.We think Jester is ready for greater exposure – but anyone using it will struggle to better Moor’s excellent Return of the Empire.The beer has won gold at the Stockholm Beer o Whiskey Festival 2011. This beer is sold in Systembolaget's regular assortment . At the beginning of the boil, I tossed in 2.0 ounces (56 grams) of Czech Saaz hops for bittering.

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An hour and a half later, I put an additional 1.0 ounce (28 grams) at flameout.

This UK-only top 10 is the work of the true hop masters: the dedicated craftsfolk determined to make every bitter bullet hit the right spot. Moor, Return of the Empire, 5.7%: £2.50 for 330ml, Eebria Jester is the new British hop that’s fighting back against the recent American invasion with a tropical twist enhancing some typically British hedgerow hop flavours. The Kernel, Bramling Cross Dry Stout, 4.5%: £2.35 for 330ml, Beer Gonzo Each new release of a single-hopped IPA from The Kernel causes a ripple of excitement among its loyal fans, but we’re delving into darker territory with one of its equally impressive stouts.

Bristol’s Moor Brewery has set the Jester standard with this brew: fresh hop aromas and soft malts lead out dry, woody bitter flavours, brightened with a squirt of orange juice akin to its American counterparts. Bramling Cross is a British workhorse hop, powering numerous beer styles, and here it combines with the roasted malts to create a dry beer with ashen flavours of burnt fruit and nut chocolates. Vibrant Forest, Chinook, 5%: £2.50 for 330ml bottle, Eebria Chinook hops are a popular variety used for their powerful bittering abilities and spicy aromas, and this crisp, dry ale possesses a rasping bitterness from start to finish. Coastal, Cornish Cascade, 5%: £2.59 for 500ml, Beers of Europe Cascade hops were developed in Oregon and named after the mountain range that severs the state, and they bring some brash American flavours to a rustic Cornish beer.

The hardest part is chilling the wort down to lager pitching temperature, but with the steps in my Easy Lager Chilling story, it’s . After stirring the mash, recirculating the wort, and collecting my second runnings, I had a pre-boil volume of 7.5 gallons (28 L).

Since Pilsner malt is so lightly kilned, it requires a longer boil time to help drive off precursors of dimethyl sulfides (DMS), which would give the beer a “cooked corn” flavor.

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