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There are many budget sleeping options for travelers in Langenlonsheim.One such place is the Langenlonsheim Youth Hostel, which is situated five minutes away from the main market area.

It has a famous history and culture of its own, much of which date back to the ancient period. It is filled with parks and gardens, most of which are maintained by Rhineland-Palatinate.Langenlonsheim had a Jewish community until sometime between 19. The earliest mention of a Jewish family in the village – named Benedict – comes from 1685. In 1722, two Jewish families were named (Jud Benedict and Mayer), while in 1743 it was four (Hayum Benedict, Götz Benedict, Juda Kahn and Meyer). helt gratis dating sider Roskilde In 1790, the following Jewish household heads were named: Hayum Benedict (widow), Joseph Benedict, Nadan Benedict Maier, Gottschlag Jude, Benedict Joseph, Sükkind Juda, David Götz and Benedict Nadan.To make your way to one of these learning centers, you can opt for a rental car in the city.If you rent a car in Langenlonsheim, you can gain easy access to some scenic neighboring cities and towns.

Single langenlonsheim

) Rebekka Kuhn, Widow (of Joseph Kaufmann) Schoene Kaufmann née Kuhn, Benoît (Benedict) Natt, Mayer Natt, Jacques (Jakob) Scheier (Scheuer), Moses Schweiss (Schweig), Widow Judith Stern, Seeligmann Stern.In the way of institutions, there were a synagogue (see Synagogue below), a Jewish school (a schoolroom at the synagogue), a mikveh and a graveyard (see Jewish graveyard below).There are many language centers in Langenlonsheim offering crash courses on the history and the renowned culture of the town. gratis flirten Essen Some of the courses are meant specifically for tourists.Lying 7 km away is the district seat, Bad Kreuznach, while Bingen am Rhein lies just under 10 km away.

On the municipality’s western outskirts, the Guldenbach flows by, while the Nahe flows by to the south.Even as long ago as Roman times, there was winegrowing in what is now Langenlonsheim.In 769, Langenlonsheim had its first documentary mention as Longistisheim.This is a famous hostel in the city which charges 20 euros a night for a double or shared room and 30 euros per night for a single room.With the help of a rental car, you will be able to reach this hostel quickly and easily.

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