Steyr aug single point sling

I'd like a bit more adjustment in the quick adjust, but may yet find 'perfect' yet. AUGA3001_zpsf3df337 AUGA3002_zps62f69f88 AUGA3004_zps0b3bb6Thanks man! However, that's exactly the way that I have it set up on my AR. I will be going to a similar setup with a 1-6 power variable scope, only mine will use a one piece mount. So, some of us would attach the forward mounting point to the side rail - and run the sling up under the gun - in between the trigger guard and the forward grip.

Steyr aug single point sling

It also converts immediately to a standard carry sling just by pulling the body loop closed. Tough, simple and functional, it still sets the standard by which all others are judged.We're assuming you've run both, then, and on an AUG or MSAR? single kontaktbörsen kostenlos Duisburg Still looking for an ideal sling setup, but your response with lack of any actual information of use posted wouldn't make me spend $ on the advice.. I can tell you on the Urban, that the wide webbing is very comfortable, and I do use both double and single point mode fairly often.It uses the AUG rear Adapter harness and the Speed Loop Male front Adapter for the Original Steyr AUG.The photo shows the STG 556, however this kit is specifically made for the Steyr AUG.

Steyr aug single point sling

What I do run is a Vickers two point on my AUG A3 which I am very happy with.It attaches through the sling loops which the AUG is designed for instead of a loop that runs around the stock in front of the magwell that looks unstable. I don't really care for the sling setup in the picture.Not all features of the kit in the video will apply to your order if you aren't purchasing the E-RUSH Sling kit, or the Weapons Catch Adapter. echte fickdates Offenbach am Main And besides 'because you said so,' what benefits have you seen in the Vickers over the Urban? SAU (SWAT), Albuquerque SWAT, DOE and Marine Corps Force Recon units, just to name a few.

We make every effort to use buckles and attachments that are unlikely to make noise or reflect light.

Honestly I'm very happy with the factory Steyr sling..make sure to sling it butt up over and back of your right shoulder (if you're right handed).

The front of the sling should loop under your left arm.

The horizontal strap that extended to the rear take down pin is no longer needed.

The URBAN-SENTRY sling as applied to the Steyr AUG rifle can be used in either one or two point carry mode which allows the operator the ability to mission select the way the sling is configured.

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