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From this date, you will also have all the same advantages as a Bro Bizz-customer. you will be able to use your Auto Bizz to park in the airports of Copenhagen and Billund, pay for passages with Fæferries and last, but not least pay for parking via the Easy Park app.

you date Helsingør

From the station, trains depart to Copenhagen every 20 minutes. There are another 6 stations or train stops within the city and connected suburbs. The last ship left the shipyard in 1983 and it closed the same year following heavy losses.Explore the twincities Helsingborg and Helsingör’s rich cultural life! kostenlose fickanzeigen Aachen Among the castles and towers we’ll visit, is the magnificent Kronborg – Shakespeare’s own Hamlet castle!The oldest known fortified building of Helsingør is Flynderborg, an early medieval fortress situated on a hill just south of the medieval city.Around 1200, the first church, Saint Olaf's Church, was built.

You date Helsingør

The main attraction of Kulturhavn Kronborg is Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Besides the historical attractions of the site, William Shakespeare's play Hamlet is performed annually in its courtyard since 1937.2016wil still be charge by Scandlines HH, via the chosen payment method.Then your contact-information that has been transferred from Scandlines HH will be deleted. The people were mentioned as Helsinger (which may mean "the people of the strait") for the first time in King Valdemar the Victorious's Liber Census Daniæ from 1231 (not to be confused with the Helsings of Hälsingland in Sweden).

Placenames show that the Helsinger may have had their main fort at Helsingborg and a fortified landing place at Helsingør, to control the ferry route across the strait.

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All ships had to stop in Helsingør to get their cargo taxed and pay a toll to the Danish Crown, but it also generated a significant trade for the town.

In 1672 Helsingør had grown into the third biggest town in Denmark.

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